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It has taught me few things which I would like to share with my friends

Agra (Uttar Pradesh, India) I have come out of corona crisis . I got infected despite reasonable preventive measures. I consider it as professional hazard. As an active Neurosurgeons, I can not rule out possibility of violating the norm while dealing some life threatening emergency. We have trained ourselves that way, Till we can deliver, other,s life is more valuable than ours. Should we change or stick to that only?

 1. It is certainly a deadly disease. Do not attempt to dismiss it

 2. No individual , age  and gender is immune to it . It is highly contagious . Maximum poorer out come is noted in those who are elderly or has co morbidities or immunocompromised

 3. An enhanced intrinsic immunity can favourably modulate the course

 4. Huge majority is asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic but who will be dangerously sick within 10- 15 days is not known. Dangerous turn is fast and unpredictable .

 5. Most certainly it can be appropriately called a silent killer

 6. There is no approved / known drug to alter the course

 7. Pulmonary manifestation is alarming. Happy Hypoxia when pt does not complain before it becomes grave is very bad factor for delayed treatment

 8. Hospitals all over the world are at maximal strain nearing break point

 9. One can’t be sure about developing immunity after one exposure. Many examples of reactivation

 10. No barrier, cleaning, sanitisation can authentically repulse the exposure in entirety. Only your own indoors without any infringement can give you safety, but how long? Pursuing this ideal in totality is unreal be it deliberate or unavoidable

 11. What is doable then ; a —prayer ; b- veg rich protein diet , c- reasonable yoga and moderate exercises, d- fruits and leaves in diet to be increased, e-use of turmeric , multiple ayurvedic kadhas available on you tube

 12. This is testing time. Majority  including me believe that there is God . God is ultimate reason for everything. Believing in God takes away your internal stress and lower stress levels, low level catecholamines  are immunity booster. Non believers may try their own way to remain stress free for better internal milieu. 

 13. Vaccines under trial may come out to help decisively. Till then all of you should secure your guards